Distribution, 3 Days per week = Max 23hrs Only


$595,000 WIWO


This is one of a kind.

The only one on the Gold Coast in this specific field.

30yrs of successful operation.

Have you heard about UBER –

Owner input only 23 daylight hrs per week with the laid back owner enjoying a minimum of 4 days per week at the Beach = 208 days pa.

Over a year, this business will earn the owner an Excellent return, and he only attends about 150 short days.

Plus – at least 2 weeks off at Christmas as well as Easter, the Popes Birthday, his Dog’s Birthday – and any other excuse he can dream up for any extra days off.

Your grand mama could run this business for you.

This gets BETTER – no employees, only contractors.

No Stock – No Use by Dates – 90% of orders arrive via Email, Phone, Fax.

Supplying weekly, as regular as the sun comes up, to both residential and commercial customers.

The distribution industry in Australia is a massive industry, as everybody these days wants and needs everything on their doorstep fast.

The nature of this industry is that you enjoy a High repeat ordering activity from your hundreds of long term, loyal clients, who have used this business for decades.

Some customers have used this business since the 80s.

Why – the service they receive is Excellent, Fast and Economical.

Without the efficient distribution services of this Iconic Gold Coast enterprise, many other businesses would fail.

Operating from a warehouse facility in the northern Gold Coast close to a Major arterial road.

The owner has set the foundations for a Highly successful enterprise which could easily be expanded into other areas.

This is teetering on becoming a mega business with the injection of more modern administration systems by an astute new operator.

The business has proven to be very resilient to downturns in the economy, with sales actually increasing when the economy has a hiccup.

There exists a fantastic opportunity to grow this business and increase sales if you wish to ramp it up.

Customers are always happy.

The Freehold warehouse and administration facility could also be available.

So if you don’t want a landlord, then this is for you – or the landlord will give you a long lease at a great rental.

Phone HOWARD Now – 0755 640 660

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  • Business No. : 215011
  • Sav/Wiwo : WIWO
  • Business Categories : Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Trade, Transport and Distribution
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