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Looking for a lucrative investment opportunity? Look no further.

This well-established business is your gateway to the booming world of green energy solutions. Specializing in solar power, solar hot water & heat pumps, air-conditioning (both traditional and solar), and installation services, it’s perfectly positioned in the rapidly growing Energy Industry.

With energy prices consistently on the rise, more and more individuals and businesses are seeking energy-efficient solutions to lower their costs. This business boasts a substantial and loyal client base, presenting abundant growth prospects.

What’s in It for You?
• Proven Quality: A reputation for supplying top-notch equipment.
• Credibility: Approved member of the Clean Energy Council.
• Sector Growth: The solar energy industry shows no signs of slowing down, offering long-term growth potential.
• Eco-Friendly: Meet the rising demand for clean, renewable energy.
• Strong Sales: Sales are on the upswing, even with minimal marketing efforts.
• Skilled Workforce: Experienced subcontractors with the necessary certifications.

The Long-term Original Owner will ensure the New Owner a Smooth Transition to Effective Ownership.

This Business will not disappoint and is Definitely Worth your Closer Inspection.

For Full Details Contact DOMINIC on 0755 640 660

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  • Business No. : 229021
  • Business Categories : Manufacturing, Media and Online, Retail, Services, Technology, Trade, Transport and Distribution
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