The Best On-Line Enterprise in Australia today - $300k Profit While at the Beach


$695,000 WIWO - SOLD IN ONLY 10 DAYS

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The Best On-Line Enterprise in Australia today – $300k Profit While at the Beach

$695,000 WIWO – SOLD IN ONLY 10 DAYS

No staff – you can do this all by yourself with no staff wages to worry about.

This unique online business uses state of the art technology to deliver a product at the cutting edge of business management.

Government requirements ensures all businesses must use this product to remain compliant.

Includes a perfect model of home based operations.

Cash upfront

No Debtors

No Premises required.

No Stock to hold.

Automated delivery of products.

A growing market.

Repeat regular sales are almost guaranteed.

As all products are prepared by certified consultants, you will not need any industry specific skills.

This is the perfect business for the tech/marketing savvy investor.

• Established in a fast growing market sector
• Low level of competition
• All businesses need this product
• Significant competitive advantage
• 51,000 businesses in the database and growing
• Sellers have invested heavily in development
• Automated delivery system
• 5 star website
• Ability to integrate additional products
• ROI 40% plus forecast for this year
• Incredible potential to be taken advantage of
• Comprehensive training and support provided to buyer

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  • Business No. : 232090
  • Business Categories : Technology
  • Sav/Wiwo : WIWO - SOLD IN ONLY 10 DAYS
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