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Camshaft re-manufacturing and re-grinding, Camshaft manufacturing, Induction hardening, Crankshaft manufacturing.

This is the largest Australian company offering camshaft re-manufacturing and re-grinding services.

Other Australian companies offer a limited ‘catalogue range’ of re-grinding services.

This Unique operation can grind any serviceable camshaft.

Unexploited, large-scale opportunities exist in camshaft re-manufacture services offered to the heavy transport (Cummins™, Mack™), mining (Komatsu™, Caterpillar™), heavy diesel locomotive, and similar transport modes.

This is one of only seven companies worldwide, and the only Australian company presently able to manufacture camshafts.

There is considerable opportunity to expand this business internationally up to medium scale niche manufacturing of small to large camshafts.

There is a strong opportunity to supply the aftermarket with Caterpillar camshafts worldwide.

The difference is in the detail.

That’s why this business is the OEM of choice for the worlds leading engines.

Owning the largest selection of camshaft master profiles in Australia, consisting of well over 6000 profiles which are being constantly added to.

Experience in the performance engine industry helps maintain the business’s position as the leading re-manufacturer of camshafts in Australia and Oceania.

In virtually every form of powered Sport, Classic, Historic and Veteran to Tractor engines, there are competition engines currently benefiting from the precision grinding expertise of this business.

Precision production of camshafts using state of the art machinery for both aftermarket and OEM.

The OEM client base has made this business, one of the market leaders for quality camshafts.

The business has developed many of their own profiles(6000) to meet the needs of the aftermarket and they are also capable of producing customer-led profile designs in-house to bespoke specifications.

Preferred manufacturer of all types of camshafts, specialising in motorsport, short production runs, pre production prototypes and one offs.

Established over 50 years ago this business continues to prosper with no comparable competition within Australia.

This is a world renowned specialist camshaft manufacturing Facility, with industry leading production machinery – some machinery has been specifically manufactured inhouse, as similar machinery is not commercially available.

Possessing both old school experience and new forward thinking drive.

Servicing all makes of vehicles from cars, trucks and motorcycles, to vintage applications and industrial equipment. The design of new profiles is always in the works.

Essential Componentry to the National and International Energy Markets.

Modern Plant and Equipment Included in the Sale features the Latest Hi Tech CNC Features and Capabilities.

Long Term Owner now seeking Retirement, but will stay on with the new Owner for as long as Required.

Blue Chip Client Base which Pay 30 days from invoice or earlier.

This a Fine Tuned Operation providing the Owner with an Enviable Lifestyle, returning Consistently Solid Profits Every Year.

There is still Enormous room for Future Growth and Expansion into Subsidiary Markets.

Due to the Capacity of the Plant and Machinery which is only operating 8hrs per day, 5 days per week, there exists Huge Uptake of Future Increased Production Capacity, as there is nothing to stop the machines operating 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Fully Trained Stable Work Force is in place with Supervisors, utilising the most up to date Equipment available.

Huge purpose built Factory with Long Lease and Reasonable Rent.

The Business has all the necessary Machinery, Equipment and Established Systems and is now ready to grow further under the guidance of a new owner.

The Current Owner is willing to help the New Owner with a Smooth Transition by passing on the Historical Knowledge and Intellectual Property of this Highly Successful Business.

This Business Will Not Disappoint and is Definitely Worth your Closer Inspection if you have the Capability to Purchase a Business in this Price Range.

Bonafide Enquires accepted only by Appointment

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