Very Popular Gold Coast Escape Room and Smash Room

$175,000 WIWO


Attention Escape Room enthusiasts.

An incredible escape room on the Gold Coast is available.

This incredible business is a great way to earn income while providing customers with exciting, immersive family-friendly experiences.

Featuring 2 escape rooms and 2 smash rooms.

What is an Escape Room –

Escape rooms are one of the hottest trends in entertainment today.

An escape room is a game in which a team of players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.

The goal is often to escape from the room.

Escape rooms are an immersive experience that encourage teamwork, solving puzzles and finding clues to complete an objective.

They are educational, cognitive and learning experiences.

Providing a gaming experience like no other.

The games are comprehensive with full effects that create a true escapism.

What is a smash room –

A smash room or anger room, is a room where people can vent their rage by destroying objects.

This is a highly successful, turn-key business with continued growth.

Minimal knowledge is required to run this business.

The current owners will provide plenty of training.

The business is a low-cost operation, offering a range of experiences to customers.

Catering to a wide audience including hosting birthday parties, team building events, date nights, etc.

Located in a prime location with a 5-star rating, ready to be acquired by a new owner.

Phone DOMINIC on 0755 640 660

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  • Business No. : 2260902
  • Sav/Wiwo : WIWO
  • Business Categories : Cafe and Restaurant, Convenience and Grocery, Food Service, Manufacturing, Media and Online, Retail, Services
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