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Fully Stocked and Established Vitamin Shop with Huge Regular Clientele

Offering a large range of different Vitamins, Supplement, Remedies.

The shop looks amazing and has a huge regular trade with the same customers coming back day after day and still plenty of room for growth.

Having a Solid affiliation with several Health Improvement sectors in the Gold Coast.

Walk in and start making money.

The business has developed a massive market presence with online sales a possible addition.

This Industry is one of the Fastest Growing in the World – Your Friendly Loving Customers will almost Treat you as their God, because of how Good you make them Feel with all the Life Giving Supplements they Purchase from you Every day.

All Health Conscious people shop here.

Everybody is getting into being Healthy by eating Better Quality Foods and Various Supplements, Vitamins etc.

You will be responsible for the changing of people’s lives – Customers will Live Forever.

Hundreds of Happy Customers continue to send their friends and family into the shop regularly.

Situated in an unbelievable location with, many car parks surrounding the area and a MASSIVE daily passing trade.

Ready for the new owner/investor to capitalise on this strong and fully staffed Business.

This business is bursting at the seams – Now ready to have a Smart Operator explore the vast opportunities of online.

This Business rides on the wave of the powerful and growing health products industry.

This is one of the Best, Cleanest, Enjoyable, Healthy, Fun, Simple, Hip, Growing Businesses of the Future.

Phone Howard on 0755 640 660 Now.

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  • Business No. : 215082
  • Business Categories : Cafe and Restaurant, Convenience and Grocery, Food Service, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Trade
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